On World IP Day, Recognizing the Unsung Creators

April 24, 2015

On Sunday, April 26th, the Motion Picture Association of America and other American creative industries will join with their colleagues around the world to once again celebrate World IP Day, an annual recognition by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) of the ways in which creative works, goods and services enhance our world and drive the global economy.

From its origins in 2000, World IP Day has grown beyond a one-day fest, and its led to events all over the world these past few weeks – and even some next week – which creators and those who cherish their creations are using to celebrate the important role intellectual property plays in our lives. This year, the theme is “Get Up, Stand up. For Music.”

As WIPO put it, “When Bob Marley and the Wailers laid down the opening track on Burnin’ in a Kingston recording studio some four decades ago, they likely had little idea how far their simple, straightforward tune would resonate, becoming an enduring international anthem for human rights. But that’s the beauty of the creative process, and it shows the impact that a song, a movie, a book and other creations fostered by copyright can have on our world.

At the MPAA we have sought to highlight the incredibly hardworking individuals who make up the film and tv industry to ensure they are recognized for their remarkable contributions. People like Ted Moser who builds all types of vehicles for film productions. Or Lara Greene, a seamstress responsible for constructing truly incredible costumes for such loved movies as “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

These creators’ stories, and others just like them, can be found on TheCredits.org, a website dedicated to shining a light on the creators who make this industry possible. And as we celebrate this year’s World IP Day, it is important that we not only take the time to remember each of them, but to recommit ourselves to the cause of ensuring that they, and others like them in all creative industries, continue to be able to earn a living from their creations.