Get it Right spot – Great content from a genuine site helped Munya Chawawa and his mates get through lockdown

May 3, 2024

This spot is part of the Get it Right from a Genuine Site campaign which aims to reduce online piracy among 16-24 year-olds. The campaign was backed by BPI (UK record labels association) and the MPA to encourage young people to obtain their film, TV, music, gaming, and sports content from legitimate sources. By choosing genuine services, you not only enjoy the content you love but also support creativity and contribute to the development of new artists and ideas.

In this video, comedian, Munya Chawawa, introduced the audience to his…let’s say…interesting housemates. They might not see eye to eye on many things but at least agree that to support the content you love, whether it be films, TV, music, gaming or sport – you should get it from a genuine site.

This video was broadcasted in August 2020.