World IP Day 2022: Why focusing on youth is so important

April 26, 2022
By Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA

On April 26 we celebrate World IP Day 2022! In his blog, MPA EMEA President & Managing Director, Stan McCoy explains MPA’s role in advancing this year’s theme – “IP and Youth Innovating for a Better Future”.

When the World Intellectual Property Organization announced this year’s World IP Day theme, I was delighted. The young people of today are the storytellers, audience members and leaders of tomorrow. We believe that empowering them, and giving them the tools they need to create a better future, is crucial – not only for the audiovisual sector, but for all industries.
That’s why the MPA has been supporting projects and campaigns for children and young people in various European countries for many years.

As challenges from climate change to pandemics and wars have arisen, young creative minds from all over the world have stepped up to help the world understand them. Many young people use social media to create innovative content, to seek and to offer solutions and reflections that can bring insight and even spark positive change.
Among these young people are the future leaders of the creative sector. That is why educating them about the many safe and legal ways to enjoy content and about the intellectual property rights that protect their own work is so important.

“Value this time in your life kids, because this is the time in your life when you still have your choices, and it goes by so quickly. When you’re a teenager, you think you can do anything, and you do.” – Billy Chrystal, Mitch Robbins in City Slickers

The initiatives the MPA is proud to support, and which in our experience work best for achieving this goal, fall into two categories: consumer education campaigns and film competitions.

> Consumer education campaigns

What our consumer education campaigns have in common is that they encourage respect for creators and for the value of their work. They also prioritize empathy and highlight the responsibility that young adults have as creators, investors and stakeholders in the content they love. Ultimately, they remind people that ours is an industry not of machines but of people.

A great example is Get It Right From a Genuine Site for which we have just launched our most recent set of creatives with famous talents UK rapper Stefflon Don and TikTok star Jack Joseph. Similar campaigns are the “I Make Movies”-campaign with the Pan-African Association Convergence, and the recently launched FAPAV campaign in Italy “We Are Stories”.

> Film competitions

The MPA also supports film competitions for young people, such as “Film The House”, organized by UK MPs, and the “Childnet Film Competition”. These film competitions give young people of all backgrounds a sneak peek into both the magic and the sheer hard work of filmmaking. As well as inspiring future careers, the process of making their own short films allows participants to gain respect for the hard work that goes into creating a finished movie. That in term helps them develop a better understanding of the harm piracy causes to filmmakers and other creative professionals.

We at the MPA are excited to be able to partner with so many organizations across Europe on these worthwhile activities, competitions and campaigns. It is a joy to see young people learn how to navigate the fast-developing digital world with confidence, to allow them a sneak peek into our industry and to showcase their talent. By giving the stage to young people, we also ensure that the future rests in good hands.


Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA