IMM Africa

‘We’ Make Movies video launches in West Africa region

March 22, 2021
By Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA

A few years ago, the MPA launched its ‘I Make Movies’ (IMM) video series to share the stories of the thousands of not-so-well-known stars, such as crafts people, computer specialists and stunt performers, who make it possible to create the movies we enjoy so much.

Through a series of local partnerships, we’ve been excited to play a small part in highlighting the behind-the-scenes work of these creative professionals through videos like this one about Cartoon Saloon, which just garnered yet another Oscar nomination for its work, or the Io Faccio Film campaign in Italy.

I am therefore thrilled that we were able to join forces with well-known Pan-African association Convergence which has been at the heart of numerous education campaigns in the region to introduce an IMM video with a special regional twist.

Rather than focusing on one particular job, this new video is unique as it showcases what a real production set looks like and reveals the teamwork of the artists and creators who are critical to bringing great stories to life. So check out the newest video with the famous actor Issaka Sawadogo.

Through this cooperation with Convergence, we continue to highlight the positive impact of our industry on the livelihoods of millions of creators, as well as the local communities that benefit economically from respecting the creativity of their friends and neighbors who work in film and television production.

Similarly in Europe, a few months ago the EUIPO published its study European Citizens and Intellectual Property: Perception, Awareness and Behaviour, which reaffirms the importance of helping audiences understand that IP supports creators of artistic content.

So alongside local leadership organisations such as Convergence, we continue our efforts to ‘tell the story’ that the film and TV industry is comprised of creators and makers who come in all shapes and sizes.


Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA