A Shared Passion for Cinema in Deauville

October 11, 2018
By Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA

A shared love of film is one of the cultural ties that bind France and the United States in friendship, and I love visiting Deauville where it could not be more apparent.

Charlie and I attended the 44th Deauville American Film Festival, a place that truly embodies the slogan of the Franco-American Cultural Fund: ‘Two Nations, One Passion’. The Fund clearly demonstrates that France and Hollywood enjoy an excellent relationship – that they share the same passion – that we see cinema as an art capable of sharing values, of enlightening, of inspiring and educating.

One of my personal highlights of the festival is the Prix d’Ornano-Valenti that is awarded at the closing ceremony. The much-coveted award recognizes “first films” from new French directors. This year’s prize went to Andréa Bescond and Eric Métayer for their film Les Chatouilles, a searing and timely drama. Their film deserves to be recognized, not only as a successful movie, but also as a work that deals openly with the subject of sexual misconduct. At a time when it could not be more important to speak up, filmmakers like Bescond and Métayer illustrate the leadership role our industry can play in combatting this serious problem. Charlie made this point in his remarks at the closing ceremony, while praising all filmmakers in Deauville who encourage change through their shared passion for moviemaking.

I was back in Deauville to attend the 73rd Federation Nationale des Cinemas Français that deals with piracy, amongst other subjects. French stakeholders from across industry and government showed their passion for fighting this scourge and preserving jobs in the creative sector.

The various interventions reminded me that piracy continues to be a threat to the 12 million women and men working in the European creative sector and that we all are accountable to be responsible actors in the online environment. Charlie’s video (linked above) we produced for the conference addressed the work that the MPA is doing on a global level to fight piracy through ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment), and on a national level through our various partners such as ALPA. Our passion for cinema is what fuels us to protect creators by reducing the prevalence of piracy online.

France and the US are two nations with diverse culture, history and people. Our shared passion for cinema fuels us to protect creators by reducing the prevalence of piracy online. My time in Deauville reminded me that it is through partnerships like these that creativity can thrive, storytellers can be protected and their creations are celebrated around the world.


Stan McCoy, President & Managing Director MPA EMEA